Concept of Timeless

He came to me, adviceing me to stop as fast as possible. Delete it and dont start again, before it was to late. He asked serveral times if ive done it. I just said yes yes, thinking whatever it wasnt his buisiness what I did in my free time. Why would I stop ive been doing it for years without any problems, and the big match was comming this week so I had to play to be at my best. So the day before the, match I was browsing the endless internet and it came to me. It was about to happen, they were going to take over everything. And the planet as we know it, the cancer would spread, and take over and would never get a new chance for something as remarkable as this. But they wanted me gone, as the one of the last of the CHi ways I was a thread, against their master plan in taking over the planet in their gain for money, and power. I had todo something to stop them, protect the planet and restore balance to the force. Not knowing how deep the rabbit hole was, blind and alone I was in way over my head. My only option we had to lose the match that was for sure, I tried to contact some of the other leaders, but they were already there, infiltrating their ranks. They had been planning it for years since their last defeat, just waiting for the Chimerians & Mercernarys to die or hide in exile, so they could slowly take over without anyone knowing what was going on. So I engaged in an all out war, exposeing them for what they wanted, risking everything. The only way to win was to play double, trick them to the Planet Miller have them all fight for Miller, and let Cobalt fall. After hours of intense war Cobalt was lost to the Miller might, their evil master plan had failed. And 4 years was promised, if we can surrive for that long. "There is no winner in war, only the ones standing left."

But my time was up I had exposed myself, and the manhunt was on. Althoe they had lost the war, they were out for revenge. If I didnt join them I was against them and marked for dead, someone had to pay for their looses, and they would make sure someone like me wasnt around for next time. So it was time to hide in the shaddows, it was time to delete all proff and trace of my existence on this planet. But I was to late they had already found out to much about me. Since they wasnt interested in their illuminati ways to be exposed, in the future. We made a deal, jump off the nearst bridge, or act innocent and go with the flow, and suffer the consequnce.

Tired and warn out from the war, I was deemed the perfect scape goat for their dominance for world controle. I was already in the light and vaunerbel. But Ive already saw it comming, and I wasnt going to fall for their play. They shouldnt have awoken the inner monster, pitty humans thinking they could ever comprehend anything like me. I let go of my titel  and handed over all the power & and intell to the Queen before it was to late, and a way out in return, im done with this shit. She was alot smarter and knew exactly what had to be done. God preserve Denmark, did they really think the Queen would let them use Denmark for their scheme in creating their New World Order. LOL not on her watch, and espeacially not in the Aarhus capital of culture 2017, EASY way Just delay the damn thing, and they cant do anything about it, we just blame it on bad cordination and mannagement. And pay whoever was in charge a handsome ammount for leaving the projekt. Delaying it even further. Like we been doing it for years, when they come up with their stupid ideas to hurt innocent in their quest for world domminance. God DAMMiT those danes are doing it again, FFS they always use their stupid pen as a sword. Im gonna push that red BUTTON and nuke that stupid little zootropolis, and lets se who laughs.... CALM DOWN mr.President, We already have planB in Germany, and they are so many anyways.

Awe fuck really, you sold me out.... WTF... stupid freemasons Im tired. Yea but we got a problem, we cant just have you running around for others to take. How do WE know you dont fall in the wrong hands... so be nice do as we say and everything will be just fine... take your pills twice a day, and we can all be safe. We give your crazyvoices in your head, what they want and take a litte of your dog away, YiR right like id ever agree to, become a part of your system. Well we just have have to force you, if we cant break you, we just break everyone around you. And this time we are making sure we get everything, there will be no escape.

FUK Me once again, humanity done it again. It was time for a serious talk with my Dog. Chico im getting tired of this, its time for an icekill, Global warming LOL do they really think they can controle it, we saved them from their own stupid nuclearwinter, and this is what we get. Lets make our own planB and get ready for 2035 & 2040, ive already made a 100year change. Its been way to long since the last reset. They are safe on the 11th floor, so let it stay that way. Ill keep the cloak till its time, and pass it on, I already have a good idea on who it will fits best. Ive seen most of it already, all thoe we still need to secure the apple, they are looking for it and want it really bad it seems all they think about is money, they still think I have it. I dont plan on staying around for longer than I have to, so lets hope he dont do anything stupid with it.

Time Files............. 16.09.2K17                   

Thanks to the General, the MVP, has been secured and death has been cheated once again.

Blood hacking has been tested and and a guide to all Quantum Agents has been made. First steps to the Deep Space Network has been activated. So what happend ?

After testing the bloodsubcode, hackers have had for a long time been useing to produce materials for the Notorious Captain Picard. So Top AgentBruniTTo was assigned, to infitrate, gather intell and test the new QuantumShield. But with his long unkown history, complication accourd. It spiraled fast in the quantum realm, And his one mission quickly became a race for humantiy. It stands clear, the rookie Agent we lost, should not perish invane. The Generals offer wasnt an offer, it was the only way. Deaths bar was paid a wisit, not for long, but the General made sure the right nodes would be played in compensation. We just made it in time on the plane, before the evil could get us, this wasnt just a a normal mission, it was a victory for humanity. But who was the General?, guess we might never know, only the past, present and future is known to the General himself. Could it be AgentBruniTTo ?, time will  tell....

Time Files............. 16.09.2K17    "The Agent comming to Hogwarts."

VoldeMuerte I like the sound of it....

Day after day, I was lying in the windows of new schools, but non would let me in. With  my camera,  one day  I just walked in, walk around   but it was empty, only the sining in the distance I could hear. I walk towards the sound and suddenly all the students and teachers came rushing out the gym. Then one of the teachers recognized me, we chatted a bit,  then I walk on. It seemed non of these schools had what I was looking for, Hogwarts was the last school, but I wasnt alloud in there by the great Dumbledore. He didnt want me, I was already  a to powerfull. Next thing im setting the train talking  to a boy, aksing about the name of the train to  Hogwarts .  He thought it was called the "Sirious Express" and LOL he was kicked of the  train. At the gates at the school I was met by the face of  Dumbledore, HE TOLD ME TO GENTLY FuCK OFF, he was to scared to have both me and Riddle at the same time. Im just gonna brute force my way in. Next thing I know im sitting next to  mr. Riddle himself, we are both sitting in the shcoolyard looking a bench with the letters Voldemort carved in. I  could read and easy understand the holy languish, but to him it was just a cool name.   V-O-L-D-E-M-U-E-R-T-E I said to him "cool name ah'?. And bam Im tranported to a vision. "Who dares   speak my name" and im surrounded by a bunch, while a guy in a hood is slowly floatinglike towards me. BAM I realize whats going on I already know the future, to this one. I gotta tell Dumbledore as I think to myself all the teachers is entering the room to escort me to his office. We sit down and have  a talk and do some carefull Harry Potter  planning.  Dumbledore gets  teached in the Nirvana, and  the avatar  gets to attend school as we know the Harry Potter Story. With Mr.Riddle ending himself so everyone goes free .

Quantum intell gathered lvl top secret mission over. 23:47 CEST

World War 3 Man vs. A.i 04.08.2K18 Earth

The Dark Age has come, the humans is wastly outnumbered and the A.i is patroling the skies every night, it seems like the end is near. WE ARE RUNNiNG OUT OF FUEL, and the last defence walls outside Europe is starting to fall. But finally after many years we have established a commumication link to China and united in forces against the A.i. With this new established DNA-Link we are now able to write human history far into the past present & future.

There is still no sign of life from on the Russian frontline, But we know trapped in a bunker General Octavia Will keep fighting to the last man standing. We have some of The Darkest Minds from A-X-L on the way to get them out, it will still take years, will they make it in time?.

Staff of Infinite Misseries Log. Tiffin's Melody

Who holds the power within, that no money or gold can buy ? Im Proud I need to know no more.

When Im not around im there, 

as long im not around we got

nothing to fear. Its no more than

we know, but in the end it must go.

If in darkness I spent my time, Ill 

always be around, till first light

hits the ground.


Time Files 01.05.2K19 "The Teacher Comes to Hogwarts"

Stupify, you know why its called stupify right ?, the Darkest spell in history!. Apparently you lot dont understand the dark arts, so if you dont know the history of this spell you cant be tought at all in defence against the dark arts. 2min later at headmasters office, Thats it you give up after 1 day ? na if all i need to teach them can be tought in 5 min, I mean I learned it in 2 min back in my days. I dont really need to stay for a whole year do I ?, hm.... Dombledore grinds his beard. Well we need somone to look after the kids to you know. all the other teachers seems good at a that, (other teachers who is that guy, serious teaching for 1 day and say its all they need to know? lets hope he doesnt get paid). Its an old friend of dumbledore, but he seems so young ? how can he qualify as dark arts master at that age, is he even a wizzard, I dont see him bear a wand. A muggle as teacher against dark magic, lets hope its the first and the last time that ever happens,

Young oblivious Mr.Malfoy yells xD

What is the void? Mission Start 25.05.2k19

Findings 19.06.2019: Don't fear, Smile and wave, death will take you to the right place. Let them live the life they dont think they have, count 3,2,1 and See them come, smile and wave. Some day they will know your names. And a wedding may take place, that would bring a smile to the face. And let the Love come into place, for the future Race. And death can find another time & place the day a tear comes to the face.

"Are you in the cage to keep you locked inn like a wild animal, or are you in the cage to protect you and keep all the harm and danger outside."

24.10.2019 Fynsk Muld 

In your wildest dream unknown quanity of Fynsk Muld have been made. Lets hope its locked away.

Escalation 21.03:2020

Who knows what goes in a world where Corona flows.

Entry 26.11.2020 Its here WW3Draws near, only the few who see and dont fear. Will Live till the end of the year. Ai Have no regrets Alz will soon make me forget, I can hear the his voice drowning my head till I got no sound left.  Once I can see the last of me, In the mirror.

Quantum Call 18.12.2020 "Bastion Request"

The CHi High Council has been resummond, Sadly the days as a poor old hermit veteran is over. And The request for raw power to balance the universe is un avoidble. The fall of Civilization is at risk and to ensure the human surrival only the most experienced CHi Quantum Agents can outlive the cause of desctruction they bring. Sadly no God can save us from time. All living beeings should seek shelter in the Shaddowlands before the storm hits and the warpgate has been fixed, Chobits does what Chobits does best under the protection of the sun & moon. When the Alert starts Shit gets real. Alert History Quantum AgentBruniTTo reporting for duty!.

23.02.2021 OWere Out There.

As it seems, Miller does not belive in equal trade. Sadly there will be no mercy and the end outcome has been calculated. Numbers are dropping drasticly, but the clouded judgement are to thick to see through the long forgotten past. Only the dark souls who were born in the darksness of the darkest dreams knows how to escape the dark rage of the dying planet. Cobalt will for now still have the gate open to the few remaining refugess, but they will have to pay with there souls to be foever in debt of the burning Cobalt Steel. There will still be an active program to try save Miller from the totalt meltdown, but its going to take more than the avarge human to succed.

I have failed, for now..... Rehab is long

Time Flies

This war is our last hope. This is the only endless war where no one dies. The kind of war that inspire you can become anything, and teamwork and coexistence is the key. This war holds no hunger no pain, no winners and no gain. so... "Keep calm and respawn, dont become our cancer"

The cure to cancer is found within.

June 11th 2017. Neurolink Established Deeplearning engaged To all

AgentsPastPresentFuture It has begun Love is Comming.

Key Words: WonderWoman,

Starfigther, School. Zak90 - Dan1616,

Black Panther, LionsGate, Løven, heksen og Garderobeskabet, Transformers: The Last Knight. JustinSleeper, Guardians of the Galaxy. Infinitwar, Looper, The Mummy 2017.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge.


02.08.2017 The Seagate Projeckt has begun, timeline is locked by "Bank of BruniTTo"

The 100 Project still unknown, data beeing collected. timeline uncertain.

R.I.P AgentLilly 15.092k17

The birth of an Agent is unknown, only the death is know when a Dreamwalker has felt it. "Nirvana Keep Calm & Respawn" We accour anytime and place we are needed.

27.04.2019 Calm before the storm - Atomclocksong

I Have seen the last of me, its not the start or the past of me. There is a hidden number I get to be, who knows if Ill get to see. All or nothing in between , Above and beyond, reality or a dream, time will tell, time will set me free. What we remember, is who I was in history.


Quantum shield notes:

Clear consiuos, stable mind and brute force.   No nodes =  No Music = no tales & history. make no mistake, this was a n expensive mission for mankind. Quote  The General: "We dont know what we lost till we found it againg."

The General is the only human who has been allowed in at Deaths bar, he is the messenger for all man kind on wich nodes the federation decides to trade with, he alone tuely know what songs are beeing played in compensation for life. Ever wondered who Ariel paid her voice till , but she found it againg. Cheating death is a core skill wich defines a Quantum  Agent, So does that make the General the first   Agent to exist ? only he knows his own story, and most of all, wich one is the right one.